Crystal Clear Transformation by Crystal Reiki Master Bryony Emma is dedicated to providing spiritually hungry women with an arsenal of tools to go from burnt out with stress, anxiety and overwhelm to confidence, calmness and clarity, so they can consciously create a life that comes with ease, freedom and self-love.

Are you overwhelmed, stressed, time-poor and searching for more self-love and self-care?

This podcast is where the science meets the spirituality of crystal healing.

We will cover easy self-care rituals to help you heal emotionally and physically,  mind-body-soul connection, different healing modalities, ways to shift and release unwanted energy, crystals and crystals and much much more.

You will find intimate chats with industry professionals and leave feeling empowered to take control of your energy and your life.

For me Crystals are the most powerful tool to hold you on your journey back to self-love, self-care and self-confidence, check out our free guide to start the energy shift in your environment now.



January 05, 2023 — The Crystal Stylist

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