Crystal skulls have been used for energy and healing for thousands of years. The crystal skull is the symbol of life and it represents wisdom, communication, mind power, and knowledge.

They have powerful healing properties and they release an extreme amount of energy, providing protection and guidance in many ways that include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide incredible healing powers
  • Offer positive energy
  • Preventing negative emotions to penetrate your energy field
  • Protecting your aura
  • Alleviating dark emotions
  • Blocking and ill-will that was sent your way
  • Helping with your psychic development

All-natural stones that grow deep within the earth have a tremendous amount of energy and innate healing powers. But when they are extracted, this energy and powers become dormant or get diminished.

When these stones are carved into skulls their energies are reawakened. Also, the bigger the crystal skull the more power and energy it stores. That is why, a crystal skull is not just a simple carved stone, but a powerful tool for intention, healing, consciousness, and energy.

The more you work with that crystal skull, the more energised and activated it becomes, and the more you can benefit from its huge amount of energy.

 Crystal Skulls for Healing & Manifesting

Gridding with Skulls

Using your crystal skull in a grid can amplify its energy. Try placing your skull as the centrepiece of your grid and add other crystals like clear quartz points in sacred geometry shapes along with any other crystal that enhances your intention for the grid.

Although meditation is a powerful way to use them when you are not meditating with them, think about using them as part of a crystal grid.

If you add more skulls to your collection, either big or small, a grid is a great way to utilize your collection, including the smaller ones.

Smaller skulls can be used in a grid, with a larger one in the centre to focus the energy.

If you feel drawn to create a specific collection of skulls, their energy can be powerful if you leave them set up as a grid when you are not using them to meditate.

You can make a grid entirely of quartz crystals or mix the various stones together, there are no rules to this, only your intention when you set up the grid.

I like to use crystal skulls that are made from a range of different stones, as they have other properties that make them useful for both doing meditation and for gridding.

Some of these crystals embody a very high vibration, and these high crystal energy stones are powerful to use, either in a grid or to meditate with.

Crystal skulls are extremely beneficial for any type of healing that you need. They keep you safe from unwanted energetic exchanges and shield you from negative energies surrounding you. A crystal skull is a powerful hold for healing, allowing abundant, positive energy to flow into your body and eliminate toxic, negative energy.

Crystal skulls and healing properties:

  • Clear quartz skull - also known as the 'master healer', stimulates the immune system and balances out your entire body
  • Rose quartz skull - provides comfort and calm during times of grief
  • Jasper skull - also known as the 'supreme nurturer,' it empowers the spirit and supports you through times of stress
  • Amethyst skull - helps with sleep problems, boosts hormone production, cleanses the blood, and relieves pain and stress
May 23, 2022 — The Crystal Stylist

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