It's human nature to look at people and make assumptions about their life and who they are and what they believe in and their personality type. If we were able to look at people with complete openness and love and compassion and no judgements and no assumptions about who they are, the world would be a better place."

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Hi, i'm Bryony Emma and after years in the corporate world, feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious, i left this all behind. I reunited my spiritual tool belt to heal my life and stop relying on the outside world to make me feel happy. During my years of spiritual practices to connect with self care and self love, i was able to heal and awaken the power within me, and now I share this with other women just like you. There is no better time to take back control of your energy and heal so you can live the life you know you desire. All you need is a like minded community, a little strategy and someone to show you the way. This show is dedicated to how I did it and how you can too. If you want to start shifting your energy now, download my free Crystal Fang Shui guide in the link in the show notes. But for now, hit subscribe and let's dive in.


Hello, beautiful souls, welcome back to crystal clear transformation. I'm Bryony and my your host, and today we are talking about my ADHD diagnosis. I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 37. So it's a late diagnosis, but common for a lot of people around my age. So let me take you back to the beginning of what led to this ADHD diagnosis, and it really does take me right back to my childhood. I always felt like I was different and I struggled to sit still and I struggled to read social cues and I struggled to do other things that perhaps other kids felt was normal. So, consequently, i had difficult interactions with adults and with kids from a very young age. In primary school, i got picked on a lot and consequently, i retaliated because of how much it hurt me that I was being rejected by little kids and being hurt by little kids. If you haven't listened to my story about how I got here, you can go back and listen to that episode to get a little bit more information about my story and my background. And even through high school, i remember being extremely bored, so I was either falling asleep or I was getting in trouble when I was in class and I found it really hard to focus and keep my attention on things that didn't interest me 100%.

And now that I look back at that, these are all indicators about my ADHD And there's a couple of ways that we can look at this. We can look at it from a medical model and a diagnostic model and we can look at it from a spiritual perspective, and you can look at it from either way. I tend to look at it from both ways. I don't like to label because I think they're just labels, and if I look at it from a spiritual perspective, i guess I look at it that we're just different, we're open, we see the world from a different perspective, we see things differently to other people and we're more in tune with the spiritual realm and the spiritual world around us and more sensitive to the energies of the world, and that makes us not neurotypical in the medical model's view.

So what led to me going to get my diagnosis at 37 years old was that I have a son with ADHD and he got diagnosed with ADHD when he was 6. And he was like a mirror to me. I was watching him behave and I was looking at him and I was thinking, gosh, i remember being like that and I remember feeling like that And I remember the things that were happening to him, happening to me, and I also was completely and utterly triggered by him. His behaviour would send me into fight or flight and I would freeze and I wouldn't know what to do or I would end up yelling because I was in fight or flight. And this is what led me to get my ADHD diagnosis.

And what the psychiatrist said to me was that people your age often went undiagnosed. One because it wasn't something that they spoke about back then. There was no such thing as autism or ADHD. When I was a kid And you were just labelled as naughty. You were just labelled as the naughty kid that couldn't sit still, or the naughty kid that couldn't focus, or the naughty kid that was just misbehaving all the time, and that was the reputation that I ended up with. I was the naughty kid and I was the not nice person. And he said to me that people your age often went undiagnosed because you were from a middle class family, you went to a private school and you had the support around you that enabled you to learn a set of behaviours That was socially acceptable and enabled you to basically survive your environment, and that is incredibly accurate.

I spent my life learning what was socially appropriate, what behaviours were appropriate and how people wanted me to behave, and I exhausted myself every day. At school. I exhausted myself socially right through my teenage years and my 20s, trying to read people and work out what preconceptions they had made of me And then try to either change their preconceptions because their preconceptions were negative, so I tried to change them and convince them that I was likeable and that I was a nice person Or I tried to live up to what they saw me as. So they saw me as the bubbly, confident person, always having fun, and I would try to live up to that And this was incredibly exhausting. So in the medical model, this is called masking and this is a very prominent feature of ADHD and it's also a really prominent feature of high functioning autism.

And I became really good at this, became really good at masking and trying to be what people wanted me to be. And the downside of this was that when I would come out of social situations and I was masking and putting on a show about how I was supposed to be, i would come away extremely exhausted and energetically drained, and this is what led me to my diagnosis at 37 and what led to my emotional breakdown at 40 and what led to me rebuilding myself spiritually, emotionally and physically from that age and led me to be here with you completely transformed. So the reason that I'm talking about this today is because I know there's a lot of people out there that will be able to relate to some of these things, and I wanted to share with you that this journey of acceptance and this journey of healing is 100% achievable. And I've spoken before about my journey in healing and all of the tools that I use every day to thrive with my ADHD and to thrive with a child with ADHD and to thrive with the past hurts and the past traumas that I've experienced. And I talk more about that in my crystal clear transformation program, where you can learn everything that I do, including working with crystals, to completely transform your mindset and heal and thrive instead of survive your life, because that's what I was doing in that space right through my teenage years, right through my 20s and my 30s I was surviving, i was using those tools, or we are using those skills that I had learnt and pulling on them to try to fit them into the situations that I thought they were appropriate, and I was surviving. It was like treading water and I was spending my time in overwhelm and burnout. I wasn't being the mother that I wanted to be, i wasn't being the wife I wanted to be and I wasn't being the friend that I wanted to be.

And it wasn't until I surrendered. I took radical responsibility for my emotions, i turned my energy towards my crystals for healing and guidance and I transformed my spiritual tool belts so that I could thrive in my life. So, as I was saying, i often found a difficult to concentrate on tasks and I noticed that I wasn't the same as everybody else. I forgot important things, i misplaced things, i found it hard to concentrate at school and I was extremely anxious. And these were some of the patterns that I later in life recognised, when I had my son and he was mirroring back to me these things that I too had struggled with in my life. And this is when I began to dive into the world of holistic approaches and embark on a spiritual journey. And through this I discovered that nourishing my body and my mind and my soul was completely non-negotiable and vital in finding balance within this medical diagnosis and this spiritual diagnosis.

So one of the first things that I recognised that I had to do was I had to pay attention to a couple of things and it wasn't just one thing that was going to change me and over a period of time I tooled up and I realised that I needed to take control of the food that I was putting into my body. I needed to take control of the spiritual side of my body and I needed to move my body, and it was a combination of all of these things that led me to my own crystal clear transformation. I needed to be very particular about the food that I was putting into my body.

I needed to eat healthy, no processed food, and I don't stick to that 100%. I'm human, like everybody else. My favourite thing in the world is chocolate. So chocolate and ice cream and pizza I am completely powerless against. So I don't stick to that and I allow myself cheat days, but most of the time I make sure that I'm not eating too much sugar and I'm not eating processed foods, because those things affect my mind and my ability to cope on this plane, in this life, in this earthly experience, and I needed to take time for myself. My self care was the number one thing that needed to take priority over everything else, or I wasn't going to be able to perform in my job. I wasn't going to be able to perform as a mother, i wasn't going to be able to perform as a wife And I say perform, that's the wrong word, i don't want to use that word. I wasn't able to be who I wanted to be in those areas of my life And I had to take radical responsibility for my own self care, because before that I wasn't looking after myself. You know, i was trying to live up to the outside world's opinion of me That I was tall, that I was skinny, that I had it all together, that I had the perfect life and the perfect family And I was always happy in this and that and the other. And that just wasn't the truth. Behind closed doors, i was depressed, i hated my body, i hated my mind. I had extreme self loathing going on.

I was having panic attacks all the time and didn't want to be here, and that was the reality that was going on behind this masking. So, at the age of 40, i turned around and I said enough is enough. No one is coming to save me. There is no quick fix. I need to take care of myself, and this is when my healthy eating became the cornerstone of my daily routine And I started to sweat. I had to move my body every day, whether that be doing a high intensity workout one day and a walk on the beach the next day and a yoga the next day. I needed to move my body because on the days that I wasn't moving my body, i was agitated And I was like, oh, do you know what? I just don't feel good. Today, i'm a bit uncomfortable. As soon as I had gone for a walk or I had exercised, i was back on my path that I wanted to be on and feeling the way that I wanted to feel. Exercise became such an essential part of managing my ADHD symptoms And it helped to release any excess energy and improve my overall mental clarity, and I noticed such a huge significance around my ability to cope with challenging situations And my ability to stay focused and stay organised. Because I was making these healthy choices, i was getting fewer energy crashes, i was getting less brain fog And it was helping me to become more present.

I was trying to reduce my impulsive reactions to people and to make better decisions and really boost my mood. And the other thing, of course, was turning to my crystals. I began to activate crystals daily, whether that was with my jewellery or something that I was carrying around, i was activating that crystal to support me through my day, and the difference, just by adding a crystal to all of those things, was quite profound The protection from other people's energy. Being so spiritually open, being neurodiverse, activating a crystal for protection, activating a crystal for support, was so incredibly powerful and it made such a huge difference to me and to my energy and to the way that I felt in my daily routine. The way that I did this was I created my own unique blueprint, and this is something that we go over in the crystal clear transformation program is creating your own blueprint by setting your intentions, committing to yourself, getting an accountability. Buddy, how long are you going to spend on yourself? What is the intention for your sessions? Selecting a crystal that you're going to work with and selecting three to five other tools that you want to incorporate into your ritual. That is going to create consistency and it's going to create habit that benefits you in astronomical ways, creating a sacred space, whether this be a whole room, whether this be a cupboard or a drawer, creating your sacred space, and then pulling all of those elements together with your accountability buddy, so that you have got someone that is cheering you on, that is on your in your corner and encouraging you to eat healthy, to exercise, to do the meditation, to care for yourself so you can care for everyone else. So, if you are relating to some of the things that I'm talking about, you're not alone.

You can go and talk to a psychiatrist or your doctor and ask for an ADHD diagnosis if you want to go down the medical model, or you can simply understand that you just need to do a little more self-care and really care for yourself, because you are an extremely open human being and you need to do the work and look inside and heal, and you need to create ritual in your life. You need to create routine in your life so that you care and nurture yourself, so that you can thrive in this life. So you are not alone in this journey. I encourage you to reach out to a healthcare professional or to seek out some energetic healers, to dive deep into your own spiritual journey and healing. And, of course, the crystal clear transformation program is there to give you the foundation and the steps and the community to hold your hand along a journey just like this. So thank you for joining me in another episode of crystal clear transformation. I look forward to seeing you in the next episode.

Thank you for spending this time with me. I am so excited to be helping you on your healing journey. If you want to learn more, check out all of the links in the show notes for the crystal clear offerings, including our signature course, crystal clear transformation and our free crystal Feng Shui masterclass to start shifting your energy now, send me a DM over on Instagram. Let's connect. Make sure you subscribe so you don't miss an episode, and I look forward to connecting with you next time.

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