In this podcast episode, we are talking about FEAR!

"Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear."

Fear is a funny thing. It's an emotion that can be deeply rooted in our psyche and it can be supremely unsettling. Anxiety-inducing and outright paralysing and quite often irrational and unexplained. And even though we know this we have fear anyway, now we all know that fear can be really powerful but I believe we are more powerful than our fears.

So in today's episode we are going to talk about:

  • 5 things you need to know about fear 
  • 5 ways you can cope with fear 
  • 5 crystals for dispelling fear

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In this episode, we are talking about fear in all forms where it comes from how you can manage and what my top 5 crystals for fear are. If fear is holding you back in this episode we will answer that question. Hello and welcome to another episode of crystal clear transformation I am your host Bryony Emma everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear. Fear is a funny thing. It's an emotion that can be really deeply rooted in our psyche and therefore can be supremely unsettling anxiety inducing and outright paralysing. But at the same time It's often really irrational and unexplained. Even though we know this we have fear anyway, now we all know that fear can be powerful but I believe we are more powerful.




Our fears so today we are going to talk about 5 things you need to know about fear 5 ways you can cope with fear and my top 5 crystals that will dispel fear. So let's get into it.




So today I was taking my eldest son for a surf in Noosa so to so so today I was taking my eldest son for a surf and. The surf was quite big now look I've been out on a surfboard before but I am no means a pro-surfer and today I found myself standing on the rocks looking at this gorgeous surf. The sun was shining. The waves were crystal blue and I was trying to work myself up to jumping off the rocks. To paddle across the waves to get out past the break and the emotions that were coming up and the feelings that were coming up in my body were so potent and strong I was really strongly aware of them. I was processing them in the moment. But upon reflection I was processing them afterwards as well and I was really strongly aware of the fear. Self-doubt the self-criticism and all of those panic feelings that were coming up with me and I started going back in my mind and thinking of all of the other things that I have the same feelings about and there were lots of those things that I don't do.




Because they are out of my so-called comfort zone and they trigger me in ways that I just want to avoid and I avoid doing those things so I was standing on the rocks looking out and I was so fearful and scared. And I thought I'm out of my depth and then I just waited for the break and I jumped. So today we are going to be talking about fear and moving through fear the reason I wanted to share this story with you was because. Today's episode is all about the fear and how we can move through it.




See fear blocks our flow it obstructs the energetic flow within our body's natural rhythms and energy centres. It can build barricades and block our chakras with imbalances that show up as Fear and can sometimes show up in the root chakra I often have a blocked root chakra and this can indicate imbalances in the second chakra as well because these govern our change and how we deal with change and what our comfort level is and how we react to change. So our second chakra is asking us to let go and let it flow so one of the ways that we can conquer fear is to change our perception and a change in perception can lead to awakening on so many levels. And crystals can be a really potent support for that along the way now having said that all of the above I must also include that I 150% believe in gut feelings now I have cancelled plans ended friendships. And much more based on a bad feeling or an in a knowing that is very strong and I have learnt from this experience I have been burnt when I didn't listen to that in a knowing and I've learned from those lessons so I feel. It's really important.




To take the time to tune into our bodies and learn how to recognise fear as opposed to our gut feeling our intuition because sometimes they can feel very similar. So my way of discerning Those is that my gut feeling is very much in my stomach and it is just a complete and instant inner voice inside my head that says mm not right? fear is more in my chest and it's like it's the increase in heart rate. Um, almost like a sense of Panic. So I Absolutely believe in following your own gut feelings when those warning bells go off adjusting your sails and heading in the other direction.




In today's world we are faced with fear that comes a lot from ego and this can really block us from living our truest potential from living the life of our dreams now if you are ever feeling unsafe experiencing severe panic paralysing anxiety. It can help to go and speak to a health professional and get advice take on their point of view of the things that you're feeling and thinking and take that into consideration along with your morals your standards and your judgments and and. The way you feel about the course of treatment that you want for those things. There's so many highly trained doctors and therapists and energy medicine practitioners that can help support and complement. Um each other in our healing process.




Now dispelling fear is a process It's not an overnight fix. It takes time and dedication. But luckily there are plenty of energetic tools that can help you and that can. Assist you in this healing path and releasing and working through your fear. So let's start with the 5 things you need to know about fear number. 1 fear can be a healthy emotion when it is used. To help us assess potential threats and take precautionary method measures if we are conscious of them and we have the tools to move through it number 2 fear can be made up of multiple components including psychology thoughts and behaviour. So the thought creates the feeling the feeling creates the behavior or the action. So from that place of scared because it's usually where it comes from that feeling of scared if we are able to combine. A thought with an action that can help us move through that feeling within the body then we can master fear number 3 fear is usually a response to an external stimulus and can be both positive and negative.




So again, if we have that awareness and that awareness is key. We can also train ourselves to understand there will always be an outside energy or an input. But if it is then we can be conscious of how that's affecting us. And we can know that there are things that we can do that can prevent and there are things that we can do during and there are things that we can do after that can help with the feelings of fear fear can also be. So number 4 is that fear can also be a source of motivation. It can lead us to develop new skills and new knowledge and it can push us to strive for more in our lives. So. I'm going to move on now to the 5 ways that we can cope with fear number 1 is identify the source of our fear. It's really important to take some time to identify what is it that is causing this fear. Is it a specific event or a situation is it a memory from the past knowing the root of our fear can really help us better cope with it so taking the time to tune in and understand the fear better is an amazing step 1.




Step 2 is to challenge those 4 those thoughts fear often manifests as irrational thoughts and like I was saying before they cause that feeling of fear and then our action comes from place of fear and irrational and it's not always positive. So It's important to challenge them. Ask yourself if the fear is realistic or if it is based on irrational assumptions and worst case scenarios are we catastrophizing and then number 3 is take some deep breaths. Taking a few deep breaths can relax your sympathetic nervous system your sympathetic nervous system is responsible for responding to dangers and stressful Situations. So in these situations your sympathetic nervous system Activates. Speeds up your heart rate to deliver more blood to the areas of your body that need more oxygen to respond to get help to get you out of danger so taking three deep breaths into your stomach. Really deeply into your stomach not into your shoulders or your upper diaphragm into your stomach fill your stomach so taking three deep breaths with a longer outbread than an In-breth This will give you moment to pause and gain perspective of the situation.




Number 4 would be talk to someone talk to a friend talk to a family member. We talked about this in um, ah the 5 regrets of the dying my episode about the 5 regrets of the dying. How important it is to stay connected with family members and friends because connecting with others. Is the perfect way and such a strong way and such an important way for human beings to process all kinds of trauma and fear because it's helpful to talk with them because they can provide so support guidance and a different perspective. And sometimes when we're in that irrational mode. We don't see the true perspective and number 5 is you know I I rabbit on about this all the time is practice self care taking care of yourself. To help you manage your fear or your feelings is the number one most important thing in the world because you cannot show up in the world or show up for others if you don't look after yourself first and you don't love and nurture yourself First. So yoga meditation journaling exercise community with like-minded people can really help manage fear and stress. So now we are going to talk about my top 5 crystals that can help relieve.




Fear and calm the mind. So my number 1 pick obsessed you guys know I did an episode all on black tomaline in so many instances black tormaline is the king for crushing fear. This has been my personal experience and so many of my clients have said that this is the number 1 healing and supportive grounding protective stone that just makes you immediately feel like you are connected to earth energy. Number 2 would be labradite Labradite is a magical spiritual stone that is so great for heightening your intuition so stepping you into your intuitive sense your gut sense instead of your fear sense that can help you really tap into that inner knowing. And it's also protective and it will help you feel secure to number 3 would be hematite so this is a weighty stone that is so helpful for mental strength. It has iron content which connects you strongly to earth. Um, and it's a great stone that aligns that base shakra that we were talking about to me Hematype is like the crystal version of a weighted blanket. It's calming when you're really stressed out and it's soothing and reassuring. It's like someone's giving you a really.




Firm hold and squeeze and they're looking you straight in the eye and they're saying everything is going to be okay, Noah 4 would be obsidian so this is another grounding stone. It's strong. It's powerful. It's protective. And obsidian has a really powerful vibration. It encourages you to move forward with strength and courage because it's a volcanic glass. Um and it contains the fire element. So this can help set you up to face your fears with strength and aid in releasing those things that no longer. So. You number 5 would have to be acromarine. So this is a strong support stone. So this stone really helps you move through uncomfortable emotions. It helps you to let go and trust the process. It's really calming and serene because it gives you that kind of feeling of those gentle ocean waves upon the shore now this is a throat shark or stone too. So it encourages you to speak and communicate your truth and as I mentioned. there are there are thousands of different minerals. Um, you know that are out there so these are just a few of the the ones that I recommend for um, processing fear and another way that we can move through fear.




Alongside our crystal work is affirmations to support them and you guys know how much I love affirmations and mirror work and a really great mantra to go along with fear work is I am strength I am strength I am strength itself. This can really ignite that inner strength and power to move through those emotions and fears. So just a recap of today's episode our thoughts are not necessarily the reality they create. A. Ah, a thought is created and it creates a feeling and then the feeling creates an action so learning to discern our gut feelings and our fear feelings is a really important thing to do and.




So just a recap of today's episode




So just a recap of today's episode fear can be made up of multiple components psychology thoughts and behavior. So we need to be aware of all of those things and understand that we can change those things if we. Grow our spiritual tool belts. We can bring those things in to work through the emotions of fear when they happen to us so identifying the source of fear is super super important tuning in and understanding where that fear comes from It's also super important to tune in and find out what's your gut feeling feel like and what does your fearrespons feeling feel like what are the differences between those 2 really honing in on those things. Having some crystals with you labradite hematite obsidian and tomaline to really help you work through those feelings of fear I hope you've enjoyed today's episode and I look forward to connecting with you again soon. Love and light.

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January 24, 2023 — The Crystal Stylist

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