Spending hours meditating isn't the ONLY way to intentionally craft a deeply satisfying life.

Sound Familar?

  • you are ignoring the feeling inside that are pulling you to something greater
  • you are still looking outside your self for a quick fix that will never come
  • you are not utilising crystal energy to its fullest potential to truely support & protect you
  • you are taking on too much change all at once and ending up quiting before your even start
  • there is not enough time, and self-care is just another thing on your to do list that you cant fit in

I was once there, experiencing the same thing. 

I was scared, anxious, overwhelmed and hiding from the the world. I was disconnected from myself and looking outside myself for a quick fix that was not there.
I had lost connection to my crystals and  all the other tools that could make me feel aligned and I did not have another spear minute in  my day.

Hello Beautiful!
I'm Bryony Emma


Let me introduce myself.I am Bryony Emma.I have worked with crystals for over 30 years. I am a Qualified Crystal Reiki Master, Counsellor and Mum.After years of searching for ways to ease my trauma, anxiety, depression and self-loathing I finally found the tools I needed to support me in healing.I started my journey with my business in 2020 after feeling the call to support other women on their crystal healing and mastery journey.My life mission is to hold space for others that have been also through trauma, anxiety, depression, lack of self-love and loneliness. Through sharing the healing of Mother Nature's gifts and how they can transform the way we see the world and our lives for the better.I have worked with many women to empower them with crystal knowledge and create rituals that heal, open their hearts and manifest their dreams.I have grown The Crystal Stylist into an evolved sanctuary for women to connect with other spiritually minded women, heal and grow.

I am a Mother with two children, full-time business, hobbies and a "sort of" exercise lover who loves to see family and friends. And before I started my crystal practise I was just grasping at all sorts of things once a week and expecting Zen. I was so bloody exhausted by the end trying to piece all the self-care bits together that I felt no relief from stress anxiety and overwhelm and I felt no connection to myself or anything else.
It wasn't until I took radical responsibility for myself and my emotions, filled my spiritual tool belt and began to truely care for myself on the daily.The good news is that I've learnt a thing or two since then.

NOW, I have a formula that is so unique I can now help people like you create your own Blueprint. So you can face any challenge with confidence and know you have the tools to beat it, transmute the energy and feel more calm, clarity and less overwhelmed everyday.

Now I am ready to Unlock the lot & show you how to do the same.....

Welcome to

to unveil the true power of crystals so you can consciously create a life that comes with ease, freedom and self-love, bringing confidence, calmness and clarity to who you really are, even if you have no experience with crystals & self-care.

Build a spiritual tool belt so you can maximise your healing potential and utilise all that is available to us.

Tap into the layers of all your energy bodies so you can heal on every level of your being.

Reconnect with your higher self so you can discover your own unique true purpose.

Your Transformation course includes:

  • Eight Modules with over 10 hours video content from me me covering the below Crydstaline Framwork with workbooks
  • Eight Modules with over 10 hours video content from me me covering the below Crydstaline Framwork with workbooksOver 30 done For You Cheat sheets - Crystal cheat sheet, Crystal basics sheet, Tarot cheat sheet, tarot and numerology sheet, Essential oils workbook, Diffuser blends sheet, How to create essential oil blends system and guide sheet 
  • BONUS: 6 Months in Facebook Group with ME, 2 private coaching calls within the 6 months
  • BONUS: 6 month access to the Course Portal
    BONUS: Over 14 guided Meditations for: - body scan, chakra, connect to your aura, , Crystal activation, fear releasing, connect with your guides, higher self , karmic Grace activation, present moment, relaxing, unblocking excuses and much more

"This Course Transformed me."

What Our Students Say


Created Calm, consistency and her dream job


"I calmed my nervous system, stuck to my blueprint, change my job and I am thriving in all areas of my life."



Upleveled her energy work

"I can now prevent and shift negative energy whenever I need with the tools and confidence I learnt in CCT"



There is no perfect time to start, we just have to start. Lets fill your spiritual tool belt so you can thrive NOT just survive your life. Lets give you back your connection to your Authentic & higher self through the power of Crystals and Much Much More!