Alux Aquamarine Rings



Connect to the Divine Feminine, the Source of Life energies.

For woman, Aquamarine gives the courage and clarity to express their inner knowing. it is a door way to ones highest truth and communication with the goddess.

For Men, it aids in releasing emotional numbness and difficulty expressing emotions.

Features and benefits:

  • aids in calming and cooling for everything from hot flashes to bursts of anger
  • promotes gentle, compassionate communication
  • aids shy children in being more talkative
  • cleanses the emotional body releasing emotional patters enabling them to be processed in a healthy way
  • releases old baggage and ego patterns
  • aids in greif

Chakras: Throat & heart

Element: Water.

Zodiac: Pieces


Origon- Congo

Size and shape- as pictured and specified on each individual listing

Ring size guide:

Affirmation: "I embody the Yielding, cooling power of water, and i express my truth with calm certainty".