Alux Brown Pietersite Rings



Activate your spirituality and the link to your higher and lower self. Enter a state of Samadhi....spontaneous bliss. Journey deeper.

As part of The Bohemian Plateau', When you wear her with Moldavite you speed up your personal growth.

Features and benefits:

  • tarot readers will find their inner visions stronger an their predictions more accurate
  • identify the threads connecting desperate thoughts and schools of thought allowing clearer insight
  • travel to another dimension, simply say " I want to go to the Akashic Hall: and you will find yourself there.
  • aids the physical body by strengthening the nervous system

Chakras: Heart, Crown, Solar Plexus & Third Eye

Element: earth.

Zodiac: NA


Origon- Namibia

Size and shapeStirling Silver, Size and shape as pictured and specified in the individual listing

Ring size guide:

Affirmation: "The Clarity of inner sight reveals the best choices for action, and i make the without hesitation".