Alux Charoite Ring



She is your energetic mirror. She is your clear, strict and powerful teacher. Guiding you to your own inner healing as your first path of service in this world.

Harness her emanation of the purple ray to purify and cleanse your etheric body.

Charoite and calcite swirling together seamlessly to remove blockages and hindrances. Visualise the pathless path, follow the golden thread to your highest potential.

When worn she synergistically flows with all crystals in the Bohemian Plateau combine perfectly with her to contribute to the Earths and your own Vibrational Ascension process.

Features and benefits:

  • dissolves blockages to your spiritual path
  • regulates energy flow through the body
  • ground access energy to prevent psychic burnout
  • reveals the most direct path to inner healing
  • helps you overcome resistance to your path
  • Release unconscious fears, old patterns and bad dreams.

Chakras: ALL, especially Crown & Root

Element: Fire, Storm, Earth

Zodiac: Aries


Origon- Brazil

Size and shapeStirling Silver, size and image as pictured in the individual listing

Ring size guide:

Affirmation: "I welcome currents of Kundalini into my body, and I direct them to their most beneficial paths.".