Alux Manifesting Quartz Rings



Softly and safely activate your light body and your Kundalini to initiate new levels of spiritual growth.

Feel her Chi, life force emanating from her curves and inclusions. let them wash over you and fill your being.

When worn with Moldavite aManifesting light crystal can produce a rather breathtaking excelleration of ones spiritual growth. All crystals in the Bohemian Plateau combine perfectly with her to contribute to the Earths and your own Vibrational Ascension process.

Features and benefits:

  • stimulates the Kundalini
  • cracks open the psychic channels
  • connects you to your guides
  • expands spiritual awareness (that would out any hallucinogen to shame)
  • enhances dream states and meditation

Chakras: ALL, especially Crown & Root

Element: Fire, Storm, Earth

Zodiac: Aries


Origon- Brazil

Size and shapeStirling Silver, size and image as pictured in the individual listing

Ring size guide:

Affirmation: "I welcome currents of Kundalini into my body, and I direct them to their most beneficial paths.".