Alux Scolecite Rings



Awaken the higher mindDrift off to higher planes or deep into meditation with er emanating peace snd tranquility.

Connect with a new set of interdimensional spaces and intelligence from far-flung inner and outer domains.

Features and benefits:

  • aids in restful sleep
  • deepens calm states
  • brings peace and calm when feeling mentally imbalanced
  • stimulates the brain and serotonin levels
  • mild cleansing of the chakras allowing light in

Chakras: Crown & Third Eye

Element: Wind.

Zodiac: Capricorn


Origon- Iceland

Size and shapeStirling Silver, Size and shape as pictured and specified in the individual listing

Ring size guide:

Affirmation: "My mind and heart are at peace as i journey more and more deeply into the realm of Spirit".