Diamond Apophyllite clusters


There is a profound and delicate softness about this crystal. Apophyllite attunes you to the angelic realm with its gentle, calm energy you instantly feel in its presence.

Features and benefits:

  • Emanates spiritual presence in the home
  • Infuses your aura energy with light energy to promote healing
  • supports your faith that the universe has your back
  • balances and stimulates energetic systems
  • aids in getting off to sleep
  • brings inner peace
  • allows the heart and mind to function as one

How to use it:

Keeping Apophyllite in the home, workspace to meditation zone can provide an atmosphere of purity and spiritual presence.
Perfect in the south west of the home to aid in personal growth, knowledge and spirituality.

Do you struggle to meditate?

Apophyllite is a purely mediative stone with minimal physical effects, so it will help you to understand a process spiritual information.

Combine this crystal with selenite in meditation for open the pathway to conscious communication with your higher self. 


Material/s in product:

  • Apophyllite

Sourced from:

  • South Africa

*you will receive the item in the specified variant