Travertine Moons


 Due to its connection and formation along healing hot springs, this stone has a purifying effect on the energy field.

Features and benefits:

  • promote new interests, new relationships and confidence.
  • it can solidify and amplify already present positive energy and cheerfulness in a space.
  • Being made as a byproduct of thermal areas, Travertine has fire energy, which can stimulate life force energy and create a sense of enthusiasm.
  • Due to Travertine’s connection to healing waters and hot springs, it’s also thought to have properties related to cellular regeneration and restoring the body in times of depletion.
  • confidence, stability, and boosting the auric field.
  • It gives off a very bright, golden, yellow light, and can be placed over any chakra to boost or charge its power, it can also be placed over any chakra to heal or clear it.
  • this stone has a positive, happiness effect while also being very grounding at the same time.


approx 6cm