Coffee Moonstone


Coffee Chocolate Moonstone is a rare find of moonstone crystal. Once called the travelers stone, moonstone was used for protection against the dangers of travel. It was also a talisman of good fortune. 
According to legend, the brightness of moonstone increases as the new moon becomes full and Indians consider it sacred as it is believed that one can see into the future if the stone is held when the moon is full.

Features and benefits:

  • It is a "feeling" stone, enhancing understanding via intuition and emotion rather than via intellectual reasoning.  
  • This is the stone of love and is Useful for success in love. 
  • Useful for success in business matters, promotes inspiration and enhances intuition.
  • It can be helpful in alleviating emotional tension and enhancing creativity and self-expression.
  • Use Chocolate Moonstone crystal for uniting the astral and physical worlds, emotional healing, balance, and goddess magick.
  • In crystal healing it is said to promote ease in pregnancy and childbirth, useful to balance hormones, relieve the symptoms of pre-menstrual stress and change of life and to eliminate insomnia - an ancient remedy, helpful in functions of the pineal gland.