Icy Amazonite pendants


Icy Amazonite is an AGrade Amazonite that has been called, a lucky ‘Hope Stone’. This means, when held near the body, the wearer receive vibrations and get better - more positive dreams and be encouraged to have a brighter outlook in life. It is known as the Stone of Success and Abundance. When you have this lustrous turquoise-green stone in your possession, you can experience better fortune and luck in any financial venture. For those who would like to test their luck in the game of chance, remember to bring it along with you to attract money, good luck and good fortune!   At physical level, one may benefit from the healing vibrations of Amazonite for those who are having gout, liver and heart related issues or in the nervous system. Wear it near your body and it will work on raising your metabolism and promote sound and deep sleep. At the emotional level, Amazonite will also help when one wishes to express love especially through non-verbal expression.

***Simply select the size and we will intuitively select your very own pendant with silver clasp. These do not come with a necklace but we do have different sizes silver plates necklaces available on the website.