Labradorite double heart


Labradorite is a popular decorative stone because of its labradorescence, which creates a dazzling optical phenomenon that shimmers in the light. 

Its flashing energy guides you toward the light and out of the darkness, Labradorite opens your eyes to the magic and possibilities that surround you

Features and benefits:

  • Profound protection from negative energies
  • Aids in deep sleep
  • Enhances feelings of strength and unity within its environment
  • aids in connection between unseen realms
  • Uncovers conscious and subconscious belief patterns in order to aid in healing
  • Can amplify ones healing thoughts and prayers

How to use it:

This magical stone is perfect for the home. Placed in the bedroom for a deep restful sleep or the south west bottom corner of the home for spiritual growth and knowledge. 

Placed close by during a deep meditating session you will slip easily into a meditative state and glide into unseen realms.

Style with any natural greenery, books and even on a base plate to really make this piece stand out! Placed upon a mirror with one of our metal stands with a sphere crystal in rose quartz, moonstone or Calcite to compliment and amplify those energy combinations through the home.