Manifesting with Crystals


Manifesting with Crystals

Tap into the intuition inside that has the power to bring your dreams to life by manifesting with Crystal Grids.

What you'll learn:

  • Learn all the steps to working with and activating Crystal Energy 
  • 7 clear crystal grids for helping stress and anxiety, confidence, hormones & fertility, creating abundance and much more
  • insider tips & tricks to enhance your manifesting
  • Over $50 worth of additional downloadable resources including grid layout templates, crystal metaphysical property guides and much more...

At the end of this course you will have a sound understanding of how crystal grid manifesting works, how to select crystals, place them, activate them, connect with your inner power and universal energy with crystals to bring your dreams to life.

With daily practice you will feel more connected and trusting of your own abilities to manifest with confidence. Bring less stress, anxiety and fear into your life and create more flow, abundance and calm.