Onyx Mortar & Pestle


This onyx mortar and pestle is a unique and powerful tool, one that will accompany anyone who works with herbs and plants.

 Features and benefits:

  • heals karma that it obstructing your life path, clears the path to growth and movement, promotes achievement.
  • It manifests your spiritual growth on this plane, heals confusion or resistance to your life agreements.
  • Facilitates you moving forward in you life.
  • It provides emotional support.
  • amplifies your financial strength and ability to stay focused and to achieve financial goals.
  • the perfect stone for entrepreneurs and helps the self employed gain confidence and endurance to stay in business. It promotes longevity in business
  • stimulates the the base chakra, assisting you in grounding and connecting with the electromagnetic energy of the Earth.

How to use:

Use yours in the kitchen to grind fresh spices or any other magical ingredients, or simply place one on your altar to infuse your space with its magical energy. The mortar and pestle have been used since ancient times to prepare ingredients or substances by crushing and grinding them into a fine paste or powder. Anything ground in this mortar and pestle will be infused with the power of onyx, bringing in strength and self-mastery. Get on that grind!

In addition to grinding and mixing your herbs for alchemical and medicinal uses, this mortar and pestle set carries the energy of onyx. Onyx, above all, is a stress-relieving stone. It purifies your thoughts and inner monologue, helping you to think more positively. And as we think, so we believe and behave. As you work with your sacred ingredients in your cooking, potions, and healing blends, you can infuse them with these energies as well.