Pyrite cluster


The name Pyrite is derived form the Greek word fire, because striking two piece together can produce a spark.

Features and benefits:

  • immediate increase in vitality
  • assits in overcoming bad haddits
  • balances the auric field
  • aids in overcoming fear and anxiety 
  • supports assertive action
  • Supports student in affective study 
  • helps integrate high frequency energy into the body
  • stimulates the endocrine system, May combat infertility 

How to use:

holding Pyrite in meditation can bring instant rebalancing and refreshed bursts of energy. When you can’t take a nap, hold your Pyrite.

in the office you will have increases clarity and concentration as well as the ability to make clear decisions around work tasks.

Place on books, a base plate of labradorite for synergy. 

*items intuitively chosen