Ritual oil



The highest vibration plant on the planet.

Adored by the gods, Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs illustrate the Pharaohs bearing gifts of Blue Lotus flowers to Hathor, the Cow Goddess who personified motherhood, fertility and abundance.

The Blue Lotus was the Goddesses Sacred Flower representing her powers of magic, energetic healing & regeneration. 

Two Healing Ingredients

A unique blend of 2 very potent ingredients, Ritual Oils are made for your daily self love rituals. 

Suitable for all skin types, the primary ingredient is our 100% Pure Cold-Pressed Moringa Oil which feels amazing as it penetrates deeply into all seven layers of the skin to leave your face & entire body feeling fresh & alive - without that greasy oily feeling often encountered with most other topical oils.

We infuse it with Blue Lotus Essential oil. Breathing in the delightful scent awakens the senses by activating the Crown Chakra and helps to bring in a unifying, calming & centred feel that lifts the mood to instantly clear away tensed feelings. 

Together, they make a potent blend.   Truly unique, it's the only product in the world that has combined these two ancient healing plants.

Regular application of Ritual Oils reduces the striking appearance of wrinkles & fine lines. How? Because it's super-food for your skin.



- Vitamin A

- B-vitamins

- Vitamin C

- Vitamin E

- Omega 9

- Amino acids

- Behenic acid

- Oleic acid

- Palmitoleic acid

- Linoleic acid

and much more.


- Relief from inflamed skin conditions including dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema 

- Anti-ageing face oil for day/night/anytime

- Anti-acne spot treatment

- Anxiety relief and awareness enhancer

- Excellent moisturiser for all skin types, perfect after showers

- A wonderful oil for every type of massage

- Meditation and relaxation aid

- Anti-irritation from bug bites, small cuts and abrasions. 

- Gua Sha Facial Oil

- Hair tonic for healthy scalp & shiny hair

- Eyebrow and eyelash thickener

- Smooth before & aftershave, perfect for sensitive skin

- Relief from sunburn

- Tattoo after-care oil

- Beard tonic

...and much more



100% Pure Cold Pressed Moringa Oil

Blue Lotus Essential Oil

(that's it)