Shungite Sphere


Shungite is my favourite stone. The stone of truth. When I first held it a wave of cleansing vibrations washed over me. This stone clears the energies of the whole body and opens you up to receiving love and light. 

Features and benefits:

  • Profound protection from negative energies
  • Prepares you for light activation, cleansing, balancing and aligning all the particles of the body
  • aids in releasing old negative emotional patterns
  • Aids in grounding and connecting you to Mother Earth
  • Clears the body of dysfunctional patterns manifesting as dis ease
  • Over all protection from negativity 

How to use it:

When you first get your item, cleanse and align its energy with palo santo or sage smoke.

Wear your bracelet daily to feel the energies of love and light, intention is key when working with crystals. Hold the intention of love and light and releasing all negativity.



Material/s in product:

  • Shungite 

Sourced from:

  • Russia


20-23 cm circumference 

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