Smokey Amazonite Slabs


Smokey Amazonite is a stone of Harmony, grounding and protection, both within the self and with other people. This beautiful combination of amazonite, smokey quartz and tourmaline radiates a gentle but powerful energy. It then facilitates awakening compassion.


Features and benefits:


  • Aids in manifesting dreams and desires
  • Stimulates heart and throat chakras
  • Aids in allowing you to confidently set personal boundaries
  • Allows you to speak your truth effectively 
  • Physically it aids in trauma form injury, hair loss, arthritis, glands and thyroid.

How to use it:

This can be perfect for the bedroom, adult and children. It can aid in teeth grinding and bed wetting.  Meditation with her will manifest your dreams, so place this beauty close by or on your heart and throat chakras.


Style with any natural greenery, books and even on a base plate of crystal to really make this piece stand out! Add spheres and towers of different sizes in Aqua Aura, Chrysachola and Aquamarine to compliment and amplify those energy combinations.