Tourmaline Quartz sphere


Tourmaline is the most popular stones for spiritual purposes. The ultimate protector, negativity absorber and grounder. Perfect for anyone who must live or work in challenging environments or situations.  


Features and benefits:

  • Removes negative thoughts and feelings
  • Transmutes and purifies energy
  • Releases obsessive compulsive behaviours
  • Relieves stress and worry 
  • Physically it aids in purifying toxins and waste from the body
  • Help release negative attachments to things, people and places

How to use it:

This can be perfect for the bedroom to aid in cleansing while you sleep. Any room will suit this stone as it absorbs and transmutes negative energies for you and your home. Meditation will 

Style with any natural greenery, books and even on a base plate of crystal to really make this piece stand out! Add spheres and towers of different sizes in smokey quartz, Charoite and Hematite to compliment and amplify those energy combinations. 




  • 100-200grams

Material/s in product:

  • Tourmaline

Sourced from:

  • Brazil