Worry stones


If you've ever seen a smooth, polished, smooth, flat oval gemstone that has an indentation in one of its surfaces, then you've seen a worry stone. These stones can be made from an array of colorful gems, rocks, and minerals, and many people use them to relieve stress.


What Is a Worry Stone?

A worry stone, sometimes called a thumb stone, is a crystal, gemstone, or rock that has been polished and shaped--either by a human or by nature--so it's easy to run your thumb smoothly across its surface. Some worry stones have been shaped with a slight indentation in the top surface to facilitate this action. The texture of the stone as well as the rubbing motion of the thumb is believed to relieve stress and anxiety.


How to use:

To use a worry stone, you hold it in either hand between your index finger and thumb and rub the pad of your thumb across the indented surface. It's a form of self soothing that many people find genuinely does relieve anxiety. You might also see larger worry stones called palm stones.